Press, radio and promotion for music of electronic inclination

Local Talk producer DASCO selects some tracks for DMC World's 'Back To Mine' series 15 Nov 2019
Head to Ransom Note to learn more about Sydney's influences following his release on Black Acre 15 Nov 2019
Moskalus premiere Toada 'A Matriarca' on Pluma Records 15 Nov 2019
Read a Tsugi Mag review of C.Y.M. on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound - the new project between Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio and Fort Romeau 15 Nov 2019
When We Dip premiere Ryan Davis 'Nightfall' as he arrives on Hunter/Game's Just This imprint alongside Alex Banks to drop their 'Sum' EP. 15 Nov 2019
Dancefloor Romancer premiere the new Rui-Z release on Cuore Records 15 Nov 2019
Sinchi Music premiere the Hymns remix of Thomaas Banks on Sinahti 15 Nov 2019
Tsugi review Ansome 'Hounds Of The Harbour' on Perc Trax 15 Nov 2019
Premiere TBX premiere Lubelski's remix of Rayan Hermes 'Flashing Memory' on Sagmen 15 Nov 2019
Raumakustik mix the latest C-U podcast following their release on Kittball Records 15 Nov 2019
Why People Dance premiere the Secret Factory remix of SouveQ on Secret Fusion 15 Nov 2019
blanc premiere Seb Zito's remix of Audiojack 'Forward Into Riddim' as the Gruuv bosses celebrate 100 releases on their label. 15 Nov 2019
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